RCE Cluster ToolsΒΆ

The Research Computing Environment (RCE) cluster tools package, installed on every RCE login node accessible via NoMachine NX4, allows you to submit interactive jobs to HMDC’s local HTCondor pool.

RCE cluster tools replaces condorInteractiveSubmit, an interactive job submission utility executed whenever you ran an RCE Powered job.

While RCE cluster tools is new, the user interface is not substantially different from condorInteractiveSubmit. You can submit RCE powered jobs exactly as you have before. However, under the hood, RCE cluster tools allows you to:

  • Submit persistent interactive jobs: Even when the RCE login nodes are rebooted or undergo maintenance, interactive jobs submitted via RCE cluster tools will continue to run and can be re-attached to any RCE desktop.
  • Forget about renewing job leases: You can now run RCE powered applications for as long as you want without requesting extensions, provided your job does not remain idle for more than two days.

This manual will teach you how to perform the following tasks:

  • Submit an RCE interactive job
  • Re-attach an RCE interactive job
  • Understand idle-time based job management

For a more general overview of the technology behind RCE cluster tools, read *Always On: Persistent Interactive Jobs on the RCE*